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Welcome to the Starfish Class Page

   Nursery and Reception - EYFS   

                  Teacher Mrs Dalley                                                                                 

2023 - 2034


Thank you to the adults that attended the EYFS Stay and Play session. The children loved having you in class so they could share their environment with you! 

September 2023 -What an absolute joy it has been welcoming back pupils and getting to know new children at our school. The children have settled in so well and made new friendships. They're smiling and happy. What a credit to their families!

2022 - 2023 

A ROOOAAR-some afternoon! 

Starfish Class took part in a dinosaur workshop. The children loved interacting with the different dinosaurs and asking our visitors questions. They had a roarsome time meeting the big ankylosaurus. The adults were surprised by the children’s knowledge of dinosaurs and their names. We were very proud of our little paleontologists!


EYFS pupils have been conducting science experiments! The children have been learning about the role of volcanoes in the dinosaurs' extinction... we mixed baking soda and vinegar and it made our volcano erupt!

 Class Trip to Africa Alive

What an amazing day we had at Africa Alive, the children saw lots of animals and had so much fun with their friends, fantastic memories! 

Growing Sunflowers

We have some fabulous gardeners in EYFS. The children planted their sunflower seeds before half term and they are looking after their sunflowers everyday. Well done, we can't wait to hear about how they are growing. 

Butterfly Life Cycle

We have had a very exciting couple of weeks in EYFS. The children have enjoyed watching and learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, commenting on what they observed each day. The children were so excited to release the butterflies! 

Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week our EYFS children took part in some fantastic Science activities. As well as learning lots of Scientific vocabulary the children made observations linked to cause and effect.

World Book Day

The children had a wonderful World Book Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading their favourite books and exploring them through art.

Hinduism Morning


The whole school took part in Hinduism morning. Learners engaged with our Hindu speaker and we are so proud of the children for demonstrating respect. Pupils created their own diva lamps, took part in some traditional Hindu dancing and created their own temples using lego and magnetic tiles.

Share a Book

Starfish Class had a great time with the adults who attended the ‘Share a Book’ afternoon. It was a fantastic turn out and lovely to see such engagement with reading! Such positive feedback from all that attended. Thank you for your support!

Learning about Transport

Our EYFS children were very excited to have a tractor and a boat visit them. Pupils investigated these huge machines and got to sit inside them. This was all part of their exploration of their new topic transport. A massive thank you to our special visitors for giving up their time to visit us and answer the children’s questions. One pupil said, "this is the best day ever".

Celebrating Christmas

The children have been busy decorating biscuits, they have been creative with loose parts and they even met Father Christmas.

Religious Education

Our RE question this half term is ‘Why is Christmas special to Christians?’. As part of this unit the children have been learning about the birth of Jesus and exploring the Christmas story. The children also had fun looking at baby photos of each other and guessing who they were.

Phonics Workshop

Thank you to all the parents that could make the Reception Phonics Workshop! We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our approach to phonics in school, and had fun completing activities with your child. If you were unable to attend the session the information was uploaded onto Tapestry. 

Exploring Autumn

 Nursery and Reception pupils have been exploring the season Autumn and have been noticing the changes in the natural world around them. We explored different ways pumpkins can be re used, the children made some delicious pumpkin muffins!


 The children were so excited to have a special visit from one of their friends Mum and siblings. This visit built upon previous learning linked to the topic 'All About Me'. The visit was an opportunity to discuss changes over time, to ask questions and to look at some photos of their friend when she was a baby. 

Identifying Homes and Houses

 The children consolidated their learning on houses, recognising the different types of homes that we have been talking about in class. Before leaving school we spoke about how to keep ourselves safe - such as wearing a high viz jacket so they can be seen by others and keeping their feet on the pavement. The children behaved beautifully, they walked around the village well and the local people (ducks and chickens) were pleased to see them enjoying the outdoors!

Remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


The children have made their own hand print picture of Queen Elizabeth II as a mark of respect for our longest reigning monarch. The pupils loved printing with their hand and decorating the crown in their own designs.

We are so proud!

 Staff have welcomed some new and existing faces to Starfish Class. Staff have been teaching our children our key school values and skills such as resilience, enabling them to be confident and happy learners. It has been lovely watching them create new friendships and apply new skills. 

2021 - 2022

Learning about Animals

The pupils have really enjoyed learning about animals and habitats! The children have been rescuing and washing animals using their fine motor skills. They have been exploring animal bones and shells, trying to work out what animals they belonged to, plus much more! 

Show and Tell - Pets

The children had a fantastic time sharing their pets with their friends. They explained to their peers what their pet eats, where it lives, how old it is and what they have to do to look after it. Thank you to our children and families for sharing their pets with us. 

Van Gogh - Sunflowers

The children discussed what colours were used, and what Van Gogh used to paint the picture (palette knife). The children then mixed their own paint (paints and flour) and created their own Sunflower picture with an art tool. The results were amazing!

Minibeast Detectives

The children have been searching for mini beasts including worms. The children can name lots of mini beasts and they know how to take care of them. The children had great fun creating our class wormery. The children layered the sand and mud in a repeating pattern, then carefully added the worms.

Exploring Christianity


Pupils have been exploring Christianity. The children have been looking at symbols and artefacts. The children have been discussing how they show respect and love for one another, and how they know that they are respected and loved. Pupils spoke with confidence about their personal experiences.

Witches and Wizards

Our witches and wizards have been having a fabulous time crafting all sorts of spells and potions. 

Being Active

Starfish Class have been enjoying obstacle courses where they have been solving problems manoeuvring up, over, and through equipment.

 Exploring Space

The children have been learning about the different planets and what they are called. The children created a large rocket out of recycled boxes and they have been listening to space themed stories. 

Mental Health Week

The children took part in rainbow breathing, practised massage techniques, visited the 'Starfish Spa' and took part in a yoga session. There were lots of activities on offer to support the children's well-being for Mental Health week. 

Share a Book

Thank you to the adults that attended our ‘Share a Book’ session. Our Starfish pupils had a wonderful time sharing books with you. A love of reading is a lifelong gift and unlocks the whole world!


What a busy half term we have had! The children read The Jolly Christmas Postman and wrote their own letters to Father Christmas. They have been decorating the classroom and after all of their hard work they were rewarded with a Christmas party.


We love to bake in Starfish Class. We have recently made cheese straws and cookies. Cooking helps our children to practise a range of physical skills, particularly their hand-eye co-ordination. Mixing movements also help to strengthen the muscles in their little hands.

Stay and Play

Our Stay and Play sessions have been a great success. It is lovely to see our children, parents and staff playing and learning together. Thank you to our fantastic parents/carers for taking the time out of your busy days to come and see us!

Learning about Healthy Teeth

The children have been have been learning about oral health. They have discussed the importance of making healthy choices about food, drink and tooth brushing.

Reading Buddies

Children have the opportunity to take home a 'reading buddy' to look after for the weekend. The children have been inventing stories, reading magazines and books to the Reading Buddies! 

Exploring Number and Shape

The pupils have been exploring number and shape using a range of resources. The children have been using mathematical language and solving problems too!

Reading to Stanley

Stanley, our Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog, was a welcome addition to the Corton family. Stanley and Mrs Collins listened to pupils read and there was an opportunity for the pupils to interact with Stanley too. There was a buzz of excitement and a positive response from pupils (and staff) who met Stanley. We cannot wait for them to visit us again!

Celebrating Diwali

Our Early Years pupils celebrated Diwali.

The children learnt about the story of Rama and Sita, acting out their favourite parts. They also created lanterns and Rangoli patterns. A special visitor (JayaDance) also led a dance work shop, the children really enjoyed dressing up in traditional Indian dress. Both pupils and staff had a wonderful day!

Exploring Fruit

We shared the story of Handa's Surprise. Looking closely at the illustrations and talking about the different fruits by name, later the children enjoyed matching them to the real fruits when tasting them. "This one is sweet - I like it". 

People Who Help Us

This half term Starfish pupils have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. The children have been exploring different roles through imaginative play and stories. Staff explained to the children what to do in an emergency situation and the children practiced how to ring for help.

Settling In


What an absolute joy it has been welcoming back pupils and getting to know new children at our school. The children have settled in so well and made new friendships. They're smiling and happy. What a credit to their families - you should all be very proud!