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Welcome to the Shark Class Page

Years 5 and 6        Teacher -  Miss Ayers


2023 - 2024



2022 - 2023

Kingswood 2023

Shark class had the most amazing time at Kingswood West Runton. So many challenges were faced and conquered.

We had the most amazing experience watching the sun set on our first day.

The children completed a wall climb, abseiling, archery and so much more.

Teamwork was a skill which was needed in so many different tasks.

 World Book Day

Shark class was transformed into an array of different characters for the day.

We created freeze frames with our book characters.

Mixing with Orca class, we then created story boxes.

Author visit: Steve Day

That Leopard Is So Rude | new-website

We had a visit from a local author called Steve Day who wrote the book 'That leopard is so rude!' 

We learnt about how to perform when reading the book and even tried our hand at writing our own book with rhyming sentences. 

Death Masks

As part of our Ancient Egyptian unit of study we researched Tutankhamen's Death Mask. We looked closely at the details and thought about how to recreate this ourselves.

When making the clay masks, we made sure that we joined different pieces of clay well with a slip and scoring both edges. 



We then looked at the different colours of the Death Mask and applied this to our own.

RE: How does Jesus inspire Christians?


In RE this term we have been exploring how Jesus inspires Christians. We invited Mr Butcher into class to answer some of our questions.

It was lovely to hear about how his faith helps him and his family.

We drew a picture of who we believe is a superhero in our lives.

We wrote our own parable, making sure that we include a moral.

For our final assessment we answered the big question ‘How does Jesus inspire Christians?’

One Life

Shark class have been learning all about how to look after our body through healthy eating and fitness with One Life Suffolk. 

It was good to look at our diet and discuss what we eat and why. We were surprised to see how much sugar and fats are in some of our food!


In Science we explored forces. 

We created our own balloon cars and tested to see how we could make them go faster and further than each other.  

We explored rockets and investigated how important air pressure was to make them explode. We tested surface area by changing the size of the tablet and the amount of water in the canister. This was a very exciting experiment and certainly kept us on our toes!

In our magnetic circuit lesson we investigated different aspects of magnets. We even managed to make a paperclip float! 

We looked at the magnetic fields and how we can identify this with iron filings as well as using a compass.


KS2 had a valentines disco. It was great fun dancing to our favourite songs.

We even had a go at some 'Just Dance' songs with everyone joining in!

Festive Fun

It was a busy time in Shark class over the festive season. 

We had a big Christmas Card opening session. It was lovely to see so many people taking time to write a kind word in a card to each other. 

We all managed to squeeze into the hall for our annual Christmas Dinner. Music was playing and the festive spirit really was in the air. We ended the meal with an 'Old fashioned Sing song!'.

We had a Christingle service at the Methodist Church which was led by Deacon Linda.

We made our own Christingle and spoke about the significance of the different parts.

The school was filled with festive cheer at our Christmas Fayre. The rooms were packed with games, food and even Father Christmas paid us a visit!

RE: How do Christians bring hope at Christmas?

Our first lesson we looked at making a recipe for someone special. We thought carefully about what ingredients we needed and how to make it.

We wrote our own enquiry questions and them looked carefully at two different pictures and discussed how each person might be feeling.


We also looked at two different charities: The Salvation Army and Christian Aid.



In Shark class, we have started to learn the flute. It has been tricky to master how to get a sound out of the head piece and now the flute when put together. 

We are now combining different notes by pressing multiple keys.

We look forward to performing to our adults soon!

RE: How does worshipping God make a difference to Hindus?

We looked at why Hindus dance. Is there a special reason and what does it represent to them


We made a Hindu shine and looked at the important items to be included.


We researched different Hindu Gods and looked at their important roles in the lives of Hindu people.


We discussed the different parts of Puja.

 Odd socks day

To kick off anti-bullying week. Sharks came in an array of different coloured socks to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

Crucial Crew

The year 6 Shark children joined the Crucial Crew this week. 

Crucial Crew taught us how to keep ourselves safe and those safe around us.

We learnt about fire safety, how to dial 999 in an emergency, staying safe on roads, cycling safety, alcohol and drug awareness, anti-social behaviour awareness, staying safe around electricity, first aid, recycling and the environment, staying safe near water and how to stay safe online and using mobile devices.

Victorian Assembly

To end our Victorian unit we invited our adults into watch and learn some fascinating facts about the Victorians.

The assembly really brought the learning to life! 


We love to be active and PE lessons are the perfect place for us to refine our skills and learn new ones!

2021 - 2022

Sharks have had a really busy start to the year from whizzy science experiments to making and eating our own bread.

PSHE SRE: Healthy Me

In PSHE we have been looking at looking after ourselves and understanding how to navigate difficult situations we could find ourselves for example using first aid or making good choices. 

In this lesson we looked at the recovery position and some basic first aid.


In PE we have been learning new skills in hockey. We have looked at how to dribble the ball, jab attack and block.

We have also played some 2 vs 2 games to further fine tune and apply our skills.


In music we have been reading music notation and using a glockenspiel to play the melody. You might recognise the backing track we have been playing along to!



Buddhism Day  

We had a Buddhism day where we looked at different aspects of Buddhism. We went on a litter pick as one of our activities we went on a litter pick.

When litter picking around our local area we thought about how we are looking after own environment and caring for others. We were amazed at how much litter we found in such a small area.

Remembrance Poppies

In class we created our own poppies from clay to help us remember those who have had a positive impact on the way we live today.

We created a whole school display of different poppies to mark remembrance day.

Dental Health Visit 

We had a fantastic workshop all about oral health. We look at how best to brush our teeth and what routines to do to maintain good oral health. 

We were amazed at how simple it is to keep our teeth healthy with a good routine.


In Science this half term we have been learning about light and delving into space as we explore space.

 We looked at how we needed light in order to see and were surprised how in the absence of light nothing can be seen.

We looked at the effects of sunlight on UV sensitive beads. We will be testing out different sun creams to see how effective they are protecting us from UV and UVB rays.

We created fact sheets all about the moon. We were amazed as to how many animals went into space.

We made a spectroscope to show how white light can be split into different colours.

Design and Technology

In design and technology we have been learning all about bread. 

Before we started designing and making our own bread product we needed to try bread products already on the supermarket shelf (a very tough job but we had to do it!). 

We went through the entire process of kneading, proving, knocking back, baking and of course eating the final product.

We learnt about why kneading is important and how to test to see there is enough gluten in the dough by carrying out the windowpane test.

We then experimented with different shaping techniques which helped us to choose what our final product would be like.

We used our knowledge of shaping, flavours and designing to achieve our final product. 

The end products were fantastic!

It was great to see the whole process from design to making and evaluating.

Sharks would be able to run the most amazing bakery.


In Religious Education this term we have been investigating the question: Who or what is God?

We have looked different religions: Christianity, Sikhism and Humanism. 

We looked at the Holy Trinity and what it means. 

We created our own knowledge organiser on Sikhism.


In music this term we have been creating our own songs linked to our community.

We have been learning about the importance of the number four in our music so we can keep time.

Ormiston Denes Academy visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from staff and pupils from Ormiston Denes Academy. It was a great opportunity to ask questions and find out a little more about what high school is like.

What made it even more exciting was that the pupils that came to talk to us were from Corton!

2020 - 2021

Science Week 2021

We had a very busy Science Week covering all the different areas of biology, physics and chemistry.

Sharks had an amazing science week completing so many different activities and taking part in live science experiments.

We created posters to show our understanding and learning throughout the week.

 Art: Water Colours

In Shark class we have been learning different water colour techniques to see how we can create different textures and tones.

We experimented with using different amounts of water and using wet or dry brushes of paper.



In PE we have been learning different yoga positions. Control and transitioning between the holds were really important. 

During the unit, we built up to creating our own routines to demonstrate control and flow.

Spring Term learning

Sharks have had a busy final week learning about Ancient Egypt. We came to the end of our class book and it really had the biggest twist which no one expected! Inspired by the book Sharks created the most fantastic character profiles, acrostic poems and our own Egyptian portal stories.

In DT we made our own Egyptian bread which looked fantastic. We also constructed our own working Shadufs. We found out that the Ancient Egyptians were incredible inventors. 

We learnt about staying healthy by creating our own colourful plates. Amazing rainbows all around for so many Sharks.

We also continued with our coding skills were we had to create a game making sure we used the correct coding sequence to make it work. This really did make us think.

An absolutely fantastic week had by all the Shark children!

Sharks have had another busy week!

We have researched mummification in English and some children producedsome amazing videos and instructions. We are also getting close to the end of our book. We have got to know the characters really well and written diary entries and persuasive texts.

 In Art we have shown true creative flair in making our own Egyptian necklaces.

Coding has been going strong again in Shark class. MsWarner set the challenge of making two characters dance. 

We also looked at what hobbies we have in class from bakers, karate and lots of sports. Such a range of skills and interest we have within this class.

We are getting close to the end of our RE topic. The children answered their enquiry questions. What a lot of information they have learnt in the topic. 


In English we have been reading more of the book Secrets of a Sun King. The storyis getting very exciting! We wonder how Lil will solve her problem! We have created some super writing linked to all we have been reading.

We have also been very active this week! Sharks have danced to walk like an Egyptian which was absolutely fantastic as you all put in so much effort!

We have looked at the Bust of King Tuntankamunand then recreated our own following step by step instructions from MsWard. Such amazing Artists we have in class!

We have continued on our coding adventure. This week really showed what amazing coders the Sharks have become!

Science was another dive into different rocks and this week we looked at sedimentary. We looked at work happened when we put rocks into water and see the weight change. We found out that a sedimentary rock will gain mass. 


Netball Season

In PE this term we have been learning how to play high 5 netball. 

The children needed to learn the positions and roles within the game. They worked on pivoting, correct passes, defending and attacking.

During the game, not only did they have to apply their netball skills on the pitch and as a team they also needed to take on the different roles and responsibilities around the game. These roles included: team captain, coach, referee, score keeper, equipment manager and media. 

The children displayed such maturity and teamwork throughout! 

A great season!



Buzz wire game

In science we created our own steady hand games. This was a great opportunity to test out our understanding of circuits and how to complete them.

Some of the games were very tricky!

British Values Day

We celebrated British Values in class. We looked at different elements such as democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance. 

We created our own posters all about what our school is like and how we show British Values.

Street Child  

 In English we have been reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty.

 Street Child

We have completed some character studies, writing in role.

Here are some of our freeze frames from part of the story.


In science we have been learning about electricity.

We have created and tested different circuits. 

We also looked at what static electricity is. We were amazed at how much static electricity can have an impact of materials around it.

Our main scientific skill we have been focusing on is planning an experiment.