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Welcome to the Starfish Class Page.

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     Reception - EYFS 

2019 - 2020





2018 - 2019


Dinosaur Mystery

The Reception children returned from assembly to find their class had been ransacked. Pupils had several theories "It's got to be a raptor if they fit through the door" "It might have ran away because we were noisy". Take a look at their fantastic descriptive writing below.....


Pupils have worked so hard to make our flower beds glorious - planting, weeding, watering.... talking about gardening experiences with their families or how the scent of herbs reminds them of home.

 Being Active

 Physical Development is a prime area of learning in the EYFS and opportunities to develop fine and large scale movements and skills are planned for. Children have weekly access to the hall and/or astro turf. We are so pleased with the progression of skills pupils have demonstrated throughout the year.

Exploring what cress needs to grow

Pupils planted cress seeds in petri dishes with cotton wool. Pupils decided where they wanted their dish to live in the school grounds. Children chose a range of different places, such as: inside the freezer, outside, in the classroom, inside the fridge. Pupils watered the cress daily. Can you guess where the cress seeds have grown the best?

Parent Lunch

We welcomed our family members into school for school dinner. The adults enjoyed sitting with their children and eating a roast dinner - delicious!


Reception pupils have been carefully observing the class tadpoles and recording the changes they've seen in their tadpole diaries. Pupils have invented their own questions such as:

* How long does it take for a tadpole to grow into a frog?
* What do tadpoles eat?
* How long does it take for tadpole eggs to hatch? 
* Do they need lots of space to swim?

Whatever Next

In Reception we use the 'Talk for Writing' approach to enhance our English lessons. The children learnt the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.  Pupils revisited the text regularly which helped them to internalise the story structure, for e.g: setting, characters, plot etc. Pupils have been applying this vocabulary in their own play and conversations "at last, we made it" and "as a matter of fact". Pupils retold the story with such expression and actions for parents/carers in an English Learning Cafe.


                                                         Making astronaut helmets and junk model rockets.

Pupils have learnt about how astronauts get into space, why things float in space and what the astronauts need to live on the Space Station. We also looked at the different planets in the solar system and found out if they were made of rock or gas. 

Chinese New Year

What an exciting time Starfish Class had celebrating the Chinese New Year. Pupils looked at  how Chinese  people celebrate Chinese New Year around the world. The children made Chinese lanterns, created a  dragon dance and even learnt to say some greetings in Chinese.


Pupils have learnt about animals as pets, wild animals and farm animals. They also researched creatures that live under the sea. The children enjoyed creating a veterinary surgery in class and taking care of the different animals. 


Several pupils said they would like to get better at drawing. Pupils decided they wanted to create their very own zoo. The children had been learning about animals and have been  busy researching their favourite animals. Using a step by step guide and with some adult modelling the pupils produced some amazing drawings! Take a look........

Share a Book

We encourage all our children to develop a love for books. We believe that providing children with plenty of enriching texts, shared with a range of adults, utilises all the senses and helps to develop a good understanding of speaking, reading and writing. Thank you to our parents for supporting us with reading at home and events.


Pupils learning has been themed around the story ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. We received a surprise visit from the Evil pea, he kidnapped the carrots and drew on the broccoli's face! Starfish class helped Supertato to catch the Evil pea. The children excitedly threw him into the freezer. Pupils created some fantastic writing linked to their experiences.

A walk to the woods

 Reception pupils experienced Corton Woods for the first time. Pupils enjoyed being woodland detectives - looking for different types of leaves and discussing the different colours found. Pupils were hoping to find a bear in the woods, instead found squirrels! It was a real feast for the pupils senses and they're already looking forward to their next visit.

Learning Cafe

Thank you to the parents that joined us for our first Learning Cafe. Pupils and adults shared a funny rhyming book called 'Pants' by Giles Andreae. Once the story was finished the children then got creative and made their own pair of pants.


In Reception we have been learning about our five senses. We have put our sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste to the test in a variety of exciting activities.

Maths fun! 

The reception children have been engaging with Maths in both the indoor and outdoor classroom. Adults are always encouraging the children to ‘have a go’ and to develop their confidence and skills. As a result we have seen some fantastic repeating patterns, children recognising and creating shapes - amazing!

All About Me


 The children have had the opportunity to settle into their first half term at school by sharing information about themselves, their families and their friends. Our topic 'All About Me' is allowing the children to cover several areas of the EYFS, paying particular attention to the prime areas, which include: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language.

2017 - 2018

A step back in time!

Pupils have loved learning about Castles, Princesses and Knights. Our children love to play in the Castle they made and act out different roles - from stable boy to King and Queen of the castle!

Easter Nests

Reception children enjoyed making a chocolatey treat to celebrate Easter. Pupils followed a recipe and enjoyed breaking up the shredded wheat, mixing in the chocolate, filling the cases and of course decorating with eggs.

Dental Learning Cafe

Starfish Class had a visit from an oral health educator and enjoyed learning a bit more about how to care for their teeth. Our visitor brought along Colin the Crocodile with lovely teeth. The children enjoyed brushing Colin's teeth and talking about healthy and unhealthy foods. We look forward to seeing lots of sparkly smiles in the coming weeks from our reception children. 

Jackson Pollock 

Pupils have been looking at some of Jackson Pollock's art work. Pupils also looked at photos of the artist in action and discussed his different techniques. The children created their own Jackson Pollock art. Pupils did this in our art area so they could really create the art in a way which Pollock would have.They dripped paint from plastic sheets and they shook/flicked paint off their brushes. They really enjoyed the mess! Take a look at some of the final pieces.

Learning Cafe 

In Reception we use the 'Talk for Writing' approach to enhance our English lessons. The children learn to tell a story off by heart. Pupils retold Jack and the Beanstalk with such expression and actions for parents/carers. Pupils also made use of their story map to support their retelling. Various activities followed the story including building castles, writing and problem solving. We are so proud of our hardworking story tellers! 


 Mrs Dalley modelled sketching a portrait paying close attention to facial features and talking about those features in detail with the children. All the children in Reception then sketched their partners portrait while listening to some music. We have displayed some of their wonderful artwork in the classroom and they look very impressive.


Pupils had so much fun exploring the snow and cold weather. The children made great observations: "When snow melts it turns into water" "When water disappears it goes up to the sky" "If you rub your hands together really fast then it helps warm them up quickly"

Children in Need

The children had a fantastic day for Children in Need. Pupils dressed up in spots and bright colours instead of their normal uniform. The children enjoyed spending their money on the delicious cakes throughout the day. Pupils also had a go at doing a 'Pudsey Bear' dance. Most importantly pupils talked about how the money raised by Children in Need help children all over the country.

A visit from Mrs Cook and baby Isabelle

Mrs Cook and baby Isabelle came to visit pupils. The children have been looking at photographs of themselves as babies and discussing changes in physical features and abilities. The children had excitedly prepared questions for Mrs Cook. Isabelle was a delight to have in class and we would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Cook for visiting us.

Share a Book

At Corton Primary we believe that parents/carers are the most important partner in a child's education. It is important that pupils see parents in their school environment and involving themselves in their child's learning. 

Reading with an adult gives children a chance to relax and share a special moment together.

Police Visit

Reception had a visit from Norman (Suffolk Police). Norman came to talk about how the police can help us and how the children can keep safe.

Norman showed the children some of their equipment and the children were able to pass them around and try some of the uniform on. At Corton Primary we understand the importance of developing links with our local community.

Getting to know each other


Our new Reception pupils are settling well into school life; we plan lots of fun learning experiences so that the children can build friendships and get to know staff well. The children have been confidently exploring the school "What is your name?" "What one is Shark Class?".

A warm welcome to our new Reception class pupils!