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As a Church of England school our aim is to build our school and our curriculum on Christian principles and practices; promoting, moral and social responsibility, a concern for the environment and a respect for other faiths and cultures.  A fundamental part of that is delivery of high quality, explicit RE teaching.

Our RE scheme of work is based on the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus (in line with the National Framework for RE) in which learning is driven by a process of enquiry owned by the children.  This syllabus inspires children to learn for themselves, bringing a real research-oriented approach to RE.

Children are provided with opportunities to:

  • learn about religion – like looking through a window onto a faith community, observing, asking questions, making connections; and
  • learn from religion – like looking into a mirror at oneself and asking your own ideas about different issues and forming opinions about ultimate questions and about the answers that some religious people give.

Units of work are based around a big question. These questions and themes are started in Key Stage 1 and built on into Key Stage 2. In Key Stage 1 RE focuses largely on Christianity and Judaism and in Key Stage 2 children are taught about all the major world religions.

In addition to class teaching of RE, children also learn about religions in whole school RE days where people from different faiths come into school and interact with pupils. There is one RE day each term.  

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