Corton Church of England Primary School

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Children at Corton Primary School participate in 2 hours of PE every week in a progressive and sequenced curriculum, and partake in enriching sports and physical activity, in addition to weekly PE, which involves opportunities for intra- and inter- school competitions.

We believe that Physical Education is an essential part of children’s learning and well-being. We provide a broad and balanced programme for the delivery of PE across the school. In KS1 and KS2, our activities are based on the National Curriculum objectives and include: invasion games, athletics, gymnastics, dance, net and wall games, striking and fielding games, and swimming.

Our school follows a scheme of work called ‘Get Set 4 PE’ which focusses on developing children’s sporting skills in a sequenced and progressive manner through modelling, practising and application. Children also have a choice of challenges to choose from within their lessons allowing them to achieve their own personal best.