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Pupil Leadership

School Council

Corton School Council meets every other week to discuss ideas and decide different ways to make these ideas a reality.

The school council regularly shares news and information with the whole school, about new initiatives and the important things which are achieved. This happens through class feedback and whole school assemblies. The school council reps feedback to their class about their ideas.

Meet the School Council members for 2018 - 2019:

 What do the School Council do?

At Corton we feel it is important to not only be involved and support the school and our local community, but to raise awareness and support people throughout the world around us.

One of the ways in which we do this is by raising funds for our chosen charity, which is voted upon by the school council at the start of each new academic year.

Together we want to help Corton Primary School grow and succeed.
Through Corton School Council every child has a voice!

 School Council Logo

Junior Road Safety Officers


Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers for 2018 - 2019 :


Our Junior Road Safety Officers led an assembly all about the 'Handsoff' campaign. We spoke about how important it is to not use your mobile phones while driving.

 Speed Check with our PCSO

We went out with our PCSO to carry out a speed check. We went to Corton Long Lane and used a speed gun to check the speed of cars travelling along the road. Following the concerns of pupils and parents about dangerous driving and parking the PCSO will be meeting us regularly to give safety advice and hand out tickets.

Helping to keep pupils safe!

We have created and displayed signs to discourage parents from parking on the single yellow line. We don't want parents/carers dropping off and collecting children at the school entrance. We would rather them park a short distance away at the White Horse Pub/Corton Playing Field. Pupils safety needs to come first, we hope parents listen to our advice.

Collective Worship Council

 Each half term we have several enthusiastic pupils who are chosen to represent our school as Collective Worship Leaders. The children who volunteer for the role, are then selected by their class teachers, they are chosen because of their kind- hearted and Christian - like attitude. The members of the Collective Worship Council have a great knowledge of our School Values and are experts at demonstrating them around school.

As a Collective Worship leader the children may be required to assist Mrs Dalley in planning assemblies, taking part in church services, demonstrating values in assemblies and reading/writing prayers. They will also be required to attend meetings with other Collective Worship leaders to discuss assemblies and how they can make them even more exciting. It is their job to create a wonderful Christian Ethos in our church school.


We have developed a programme where KS2 pupils volunteer to help organise and oversee activities for pupils within the school. These volunteers, known as playground leaders, gain much experience in developing leadership skills and confidence with working with others. They train for several weeks alongside Miss Spedding so they are confident carrying out their responsibilities. The playleaders run activities in a specifically zoned area in the playground for all children in at break times and lunch time, they are easily identifiable in the playground as they wear high viz bibs. Everyone is welcome to the activity or game. 


Our pupil librarians can give advice to all the children around the school with their choice of books. They will also support Mrs Baxter in the recording of books leaving/returning to the library. Our librarians may also run special events such as book fairs and story telling sessions.

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders carry out a very important role at Corton Primary School. They are responsible for ensuring that the equipment is looked after properly and assisting children in problem free use of technological devices.

The children are also responsible for running activities and assemblies to advise others how to be safe and responsible users of technology and the Internet. They produce school displays and posters covering a broad range of information.

Our Digital Leaders have been busy researching online safety. They have plenty of useful tips on how to be positive and safe online:

For additional guidance on online safety, please click here.