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Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening comes under four strands: Speaking; Listening; Group Discussion and Interaction, and Drama. These are fundamental to the whole curriculum. Teaching of speaking and listening will therefore enhance children’s learning and raise standards. Ultimately children are encouraged to develop effective communication skills in readiness for later life.


The teaching of Phonics is a vital part of English. At Corton Primary, we aim to teach children fluent word reading skills and provide a good foundation in spelling from the earliest opportunity.   

Systematic, Synthetic Phonics (SSP) teaching involves showing children the sounds of letters (phonemes) and how these sounds can be blended together to make words. For example, the word 'cat' is a decodable word because the letter sounds can be blended together: c - a - t = cat.  

We teach Phonics using our own planning created by our teachers, following the teaching progression of the publication of Letters and Sounds (2007), using Jolly Phonics actions in EYFS to accompany each phoneme. We teach Phonics using the suggested four-part structure of Revisit and Review – Teach – Practise –Apply. This ensures that the Grapheme Phoneme correspondence (GPC) is taught in sequence. This sequence sets out clear expectations of pupils’ progress in Phonics term by term. This is organised into six Phonic phases which your child progresses through as their reading ability improves. Phases 1-4 are taught in Nursery and Reception, Phases 3-5 in Year 1 and Phases 4-6 in Year 2, however this can vary depending on children’s individual progress and teachers adapt their planning accordingly to meet those children’s needs. Our style of teaching supports pupils who are disadvantaged and those with SEND to ensure they make good progress. 

Teachers assess children’s progress in Phonics either at the end of a phase or each half term. This supports the teaching and learning of Phonics and identifies any gaps where targeted teaching is needed. All our reading books are fully decodable and follow the sequence of our phonic programme. We ensure that the books children read are linked to decodable texts, enabling them to confidently apply their phonic knowledge and become fluent readers. 


At Corton Primary, the love of reading is nurtured and children develop as confident, competent readers. Children are encouraged to use our newly resourced school library, where they can access a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts by some of the newest authors. Teachers are responsible for the organisation of reading within their own classroom.

All children from Reception - Year 6 take part in group and guided reading every week and have their own reading books to practise their skills at home. Parents are encouraged to comment on progress and liaise with teacher via their child’s reading record. We encourage children to read, or share a book regularly at home, to further develop and consolidate skills learnt in school.


To find out more about the english which takes place in the different classes have a look at the curriculum maps for each class.